• January 06, 2014 10:15 AM | Robert Neal (Administrator)

    December 9, 2103

    Greetings to all CT home performance affiliates, 

    I am writing to you today on behalf of the HPACT Board of Directors to inform you of our newly hired Acting Executive Director for HPACT. Since our humble beginnings in 2011, we have worked effortlessly to pursue our mission of creating a collaborative voice for home performance professionals within the State. We have made many strides in our efforts to advocate for policies that will support a self sustaining  market for home energy performance and to work effectively with aligned local, regional and national organizations.

    However, the Board feels there is so much more to accomplish, especially with the passage of PA-1180, the recent passing of the State Comprehensive Energy Plan and the final decision of the 2013-2015 Electric and Natural Gas Conservation and Load Management Plan. The need for home performance professionals in the state to unite and work to create HPC licensing and standards has never been more critical.

    It is in this light that the Board determined the need to hire a person who can devote full time to the effort of moving us forward to meet the upcoming demands these critical policies affecting our everyday business environment. Theresa Lavoie, of The Resource Link, has begun working on our behalf to outline a long and short term strategy for the organization that will achieve a robust trade organization that will be educated, resourceful and viewed as an organization of professionals that have the energy needs of CT consumers in the forefront.  Theresa will focus on pulling together like industries and creating market driven paths to achieve energy efficiency for homes and businesses.

    By way of this email, we are introducing her and encouraging you to reach out to her with any questions or ideas you may have for our organization.

    Additionally, you can expect to hear from her in the upcoming weeks in which we will have informational meetings/conference calls on our progress. Your participation and voice will be key to our success, I hope we can count on you in 2014.

    Theresa R. Lavoie

    Acting Executive Director

    Home Performance Alliance of CT

    P.O. Box 339  Litchfield, CT 06759

    Talk or text: 860.916.3554

    Peter Callan, Chairman

    Home Performance Alliance of CT 

  • June 11, 2013 1:47 PM | Robert Neal (Administrator)


    Jane Bugbee, John Ruckes, Brent Borgnine, Paul Keyes,


    Mark Foley

    • ·         Customer Service Training on How to Convert Rebates
    • Long term solution will be online rebates,   Technician education should be part of ongoing support for better overall understand and higher conversion rates
    • BPI credits 1 CEU for every 4 hours
    • ·         Energy Code for New Construction
    • Jane will get us towns that are participating and how is enforcing (Connecticut GeoThermal Associates)
    • Home Performance Contractors should be promoting with New Construction contractors and City officials our technical and diagnostic expertise such as:
    • Infared Cameras
    • Blower Door Testing and Performance
    • Duct Testing and Performance
    • Manometers
    • HERS Raters
    • Rebates

    • ·         Home Performance with HPwES welcome John Ruckes
    • Revamp to increase participation, Connecticut Heating & Cooling Contractors Associations
    • Incentive for contractors for grouping measures get more $$$

    • ·          Gas Conversions and Home Performance?
    • Incentives and Rebates, Home Performance
    • Stand-alone HVAC, boiler and furnace for conversions see POD
    • Savings are up in the air cannot quantify oil savings
    • Helping to facilitate the gas conversions
    • Continue to promote rebates and incentives
    • Lost opportunity savings a few MMBTU
    • If we knew where gas lines exist before the HES visit that would be helpful? Jane has provided this useful information
    • SCG page convert to gas and see gas map locater
    • Potential for a webinar on how to utilize gas conversions
    • Training
    • ·          Home Energy Score

    Greetings to John Ruckes from who will be heading up special projects, sales training for U.I.

    Those who have not passed are being targeted for additional training at Wesson

    Training will be based on more Score specific questions to help candidates improve overall competency and make the Score training more interactive.

    Goal is to get the Home Score on the tablet at some future date and Pilot vendors to begin working with home owners.

  • April 23, 2013 1:11 PM | Robert Neal (Administrator)

    Rapid Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Identifies Steps for Weatherization Plus Health in Connecticut

    Maximizing Weatherization's Impact on Health

    WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 17, 2013-- 

    A newly released rapid Health Impact Assessment (HIA) offers an evidence-based set of recommendations to guide state officials as they decide how best to invest federal, state, and utility ratepayer funds to boost energy efficiency and health, as Connecticut (CT) moves to reach its goal of weatherizing 80 percent of its housing stock by 2030. The rapid HIA identifies a priority list of health and safety repairs expected to produce positive health benefits, that can be integrated into energy upgrade work, and that will help reduce health disparities. It was presented at two public briefings, before Connecticut's Energy Efficiency Board and to the HIA Study Committee of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. See the full HIA.

    "It is our hope that the health and safety measures identified in the HIA, will become part and parcel of the work done by the CT Community Action Agency Weatherization and Home Energy Solutions teams when they are in homes performing energy efficiency measures," said Edith Pollock Karsky, executive director of the CT Association for Community Action (CAFCA), adding that working with health, environmental, social services, utility and energy professionals on the HIA process was educational, timely and very rewarding. Chairman of the Home Performance Alliance of Connecticut, Peter Callan noted that "As principal of Lantern Energy, a home performance company in CT, MA and RI, I witness first hand on a daily basis the numerous health hazards we are living with, from low level gas leaks, CO, asbestos, mold, lead. The Health Impact Assessment conducted by Mike and his team shed an important light on this topic and brought it to the forefront of our industry and we applaud this important effort."

    CAFCA and Weatherization Assistance Program sub-grantee New Opportunities, Inc. led the development of the rapid HIA, with support from the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Plus Health initiative, implemented by the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP). Technical assistance was provided by NASCSP, the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), with funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through a contract with the American Public Health Association, and Tohn Environmental Strategies.

    The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) represents the states in their work to improve the lives of low-income families and strengthen local economies. Our members administer the federally funded Community Services Block Grant and the Weatherization Assistance Program that serve millions of American families in communities nationwide.

    The Connecticut Association for Community Action (CAFCA) is a network of community action agencies that builds communities, promotes public policy and develops leaders to end poverty in Connecticut.

    The National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) is the preeminent national nonprofit dedicated to creating safe and healthy housing for America's families. NCHH develops scientifically valid and practical strategies to make homes safe from hazards and to protect low-income families at highest risk.

        CONTACT: The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) 

    Gretchen Knowlton, 630-876-4538

        SOURCE: National Association for State Community Services Programs 
    Copyright Business Wire 2013 
  • November 19, 2012 3:59 PM | Robert Neal (Administrator)
    The next HPACT meeting is scheduled for December 6th at 4pm.  At this meeting we will be electing or re-electing 4 members to the board.  We will discuss and go over the current member dues structure and speak to some potential changes and we will be introduced to Home Performance Hiring Solutions Concept and strategy.

    As of this moment location is the ITSB Building same as last time.

    Call Robert Neal, Rush Chairman, for any information at 203-733-6168
  • June 27, 2012 1:36 PM | Joe Novella (Administrator)

    HPACT – Legislative Success


    As many of you are aware, following the Special Session on June 12, 2002 Governor Malloy recently signed into law ,Public Act No. 12-2 AN ACT IMPLEMENTING CERTAIN PROVISIONS CONCERNING GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION which included the removal of the $500,000 restrictive cap on oil for non-utility heated  homes.  Many different organizations  took part in the successful effort to focus on the elimination of the cap on oil and convince leadership that we could be counted on to work towards a permanent resolution on funding, including:  CT Fund for the Environment, Northeast Energy Efficiency Council, Clean Water Action, CBIA, ICPA, NU, UI, DEEP and PURA, to name a few and we are grateful for their  guidance and efforts.  However, it has been made clear to many that it was the relentless efforts of the newly formed Home Performance Alliance of CT (HPACT) that ensured this legislative success.  We brought a face to the issue and drove home the impact of this continued policy on our employees and to the consumer.


    Last October, Stephen Pelton (HPACT Board Member) led the charge by rallying a group of us to testify during a session on jobs.  An excellent move, considering it exposed the issue to legislators outside of the Energy & Technology Committee and framed the discussion around jobs.


    From there Raquel Kennedy (HPACT Board Member and Chairwoman of Advocacy & Policy) took the reins.  Meetings were arranged with legislators, lobbyists and other Government officials, roadblocks were identified and each systematically dismantled.  Whenever I was in Hartford Raquel was always there.  Her efforts along with co-chair Charles Rothenberg (CT Fund for the Environment), working with other groups, in organizing the very successful Green Jobs Lobby Day in February helped keep the issue fresh and current. 


    As the can continued to be kicked down the road and success kept slipping from our grasp, it became clear that this was a marathon not a sprint and our resolve would be tested.  With the short session coming to an end, approximately ten HPACT member companies decided to spend the evening of May 7th at the capitol (some bringing their employees). We spoke as a group, and then split up to speak with more Representatives and Senators including Energy and Technology House Chair Vickey Nardello.  It was after 10PM when we finally caught up with Energy & Technology Committee Co-Chair John Fonfara; the message was clear, we were not going away.


    Clearly, our efforts contributed to keeping the issue alive and gave us reason for hope that the Special Session would include the language needed to eliminate the cap.  The law eliminates the subsidy cap until August 1, 2013; HPACT still has a lot of work to do to ensure a mechanism is put in place to sustain the funding.


    In a session where no significant energy legislation was passed, Commercial PACE and access to efficiency programs for oil heated homes (removal of the $500,000 cap on oil) were at the forefront. Just as important, the momentum of all of our efforts has helped in a significant way to increase the visibility of HES and energy efficiency programs in general.


    Finally, we could not be more proud of all of you who took part in this effort; literally hundreds of jobs were saved in this state, not bad for our first effort in Hartford


    Special Thanks to the following HPACT members:

    Raquel Kennedy, Victory Energy Solutions

    Stephen Pelton, Eco Smart Builders

    Charles Rothenberger, CT Fund for the Environment

    Jason Smith, CRT

    Will Wesson, Wesson Energy

    Jack Starr, Wesson Energy

    John Greeno, New England Conservation Services

    Doug Cahill, Competitive Resources

    Scott Hastie, Competitive Resources

    Joe Novella, GreenStar Energy

    Mike Gurecka, New Opportunities

    Stephanie Weiner, New England Smart Energy

    Paul Keyes, Victory Energy Solutions

    Bob Neal, Energy PRZ


    In addition we appreciate the efforts of the many HES contractors who rallied staff, customers and stakeholders who made phone calls, sent emails and letters, this made a huge difference.


    Job well done!


    All the Best

    Peter Callan

    HPACT, Chairman

  • April 09, 2012 9:56 AM | Joe Novella (Administrator)
    FOMO Training day hosted by Wesson Energy, April 2012

  • March 01, 2012 8:15 PM | Joe Novella (Administrator)
    HPACT's first lobby day was a great success. Thanks to all who participated. 
    Jason Smith of CRT was voted best dressed lobbyist of the day.

  • October 31, 2011 9:02 PM | Joe Novella (Administrator)

    The new Home Performance Alliance of Connecticut (HPAC) has elected is first board of directors.

    Peter Callan, Chairman
    Lantern Energy

    John Greeno, Vice Chairman
    New England Conservation Services

    Joe Novella, Secretary
    Green Star Energy Solutions

    MIchael Gurecka, Treasurer
    New Opportunities

    Steven Pelton, 
    Eco Smart Home Services

    Raquel Kennedy, 
    Victory Energy Solutions

    Will Wesson, Counsel
    Wesson Energy
  • October 09, 2009 2:00 PM | Joe Novella (Administrator)
    The HPAC has formed sub-committees and is looking for interested individuals to help with the various functions. If you want more information or are interested in participating click here SUB-COMMITTEES, thank you. 
  • May 29, 2009 11:36 AM | Anonymous
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